Saturday, August 27, 2016

From Nick Schroeder - MAB x Bragging Rights Chi Heifer - Selling in Bridwells Online Sale on

From Blackford Show Cattle - Here I Am x Dream catcher Simmental Steer For Sale! Contact 217-304-3343 For More Info!!

From Trae Simmons - Believe In Me Steer For Sale!!

From Charlie Wilson - Here I Am Selling 9.11.16 In Wilson/Kedley Cattle Co Sale!!!!

Grand & Reserve at Colorado State Fair Sired By MAB!!

CO Steer
Grand Champion Steer CSF
Sired By MAB
Raised By Kurt Goertzen/Mid Continent Farms
Shown By Julia Frye

Reserve Grand Steer CSF
Sired by MAB
Sold by RCC Weber Cole Ridnour
Raised by Kent Ferguson
Shown By Kory Ridnour
Out of a cow from heifer purchase of RCC from Buck Hoier NE

Highland County Circle - Forsythe and Workman Online Sale

MAB Steer
MAB Steer
One & Only Heifer

Parry Show Cattle Online Sale

MAB Steer
Hi Ho Silver Steer
Here I Am Heifer

Kirk Forsythe Steer, Heifer & Embryo Sale

Fu Man Chu Steer
Fu Man Chu Steer
Fu Man Chu Heifer

Highland County Circle Online Sale

MAB Steer
Hi Ho Silver Steer
MAB Steer

Diamond Cattle Co. The Final Countdown Online Sale

Fu Man Chu Heifer
MAB Steer

Norris & Evans Show Cattle Online Sale

Crowd Favorite Heifer
MAB Heifer
MAB Heifer

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

BIM Champ

Champion Steer Washington co. fair Pennsylvania.  
Sired by BIM
Dam 3D x Draft Pick sold by Ryan Mattocks
Bred by Shining Star Cattle Company
sold by Adam and Ryan Mattocks
more calves like this sell on September 17.

Hi Ho Silver and Man Among Boys selling August 28th on Breedersworld!

Man Among Boys

Hi Ho Silver

From Ryan Powers - Grand champion Prospect Steer at Defiance Cattle Haul In - Sired By I-Believe!!

I Believe Sires Reserve Overall Steer at Kentucky State Fair

Reserve Overall Champion - Kentucky State Fair
Kentucky Proud Grand Champion
Sired By I Believe
Raised by Grant Caldwell
Sold in Caldwell Online Sale
Shown by Jeremy Miller

Sunday, August 21, 2016

From Brock Wooldridge - Hi Ho Silver Steer For Sale - Contact (740) 835-1520 For More Info

Hi Ho Silver Sired Steers Selling in the Highland County Circle Sale!

"The Savage"

One of my all time favorite pics, "The Savage" and the story behind it. Horse on the left was in the lead, horse on the right was closing in the gap and starting to pass. Instead of the horse on the left putting forth more effort into gaining and keeping the lead, he reaches over and bites the horse on the right. Meanwhile the horse on the right has his ears laid back and his eye on the prize. Moral of the story.. Never entertain foolishness. Have a purpose in life, Stay focused and never let others bring you down. Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit. There is an old saying: a champion is someone who is willing to be uncomfortable & Rock bottom has built more champions than privilege. It's about hard work and drive.. Determination to keep pushing forward when others would love to see you fail. Winning isn't the score on the board, it's seeing something through to the end and congratulating your opponent. If you win through bad sportsmanship there is no real victory.
Favorite quote: "its not about how hard you can hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward."- Rocky Balboa
P.S horse on the right won