Friday, September 30, 2016

From Sean Jorgensen - MAB Steer Selling October 3rd on Cwcattlesales!!

Awesome Set Of RCC Sired Standouts Selling October 5th in Snake Run/Meadow Lake Online Sale!!

Maternal Perfection Heifer
Hi Ho Silver Steer
Hi Ho Silver Heifer
Drivin 80 Heifer
Here I Am Steer
MAB Steer
Hi Ho Silver Steer
Made 2 Order Steer

I-Believe Steer From Garth Simpson - Selling October 6th on Sconlinesales!!

From Grant McIntosh - Thompson Squared Heifer Selling in Jeff Cluxton's Sale on CW Cattle Sales Oct. 10th!!

Another Here I Am Sired High Seller!! Sold By Huston Cattle Co For $15,500!!


High Selling MAB Steer!! Sold By DaLin Show Cattle For $7,800!!


High Selling Believe In Me Steer!! Sold For $7,511!!


Walks Alone Steer From David Bradford!! Selling October 17th In Hilbert Show Steers Private Treaty Phone Bid-Off!!

Richey Cattle Online Steer Sale - IN

I-Believe Steer
Walks Alone Steer
Rodger That Steer

K Diamond Cattle Online Sale - ND

Here I Am Steer
Fu Man Chu Steer
Here I Am Steer


Here I Am Heifer
Fu Man Chu Heifer

Fassett Hay & Cattle Online Sale

MAB Steer
Fu Man Chu Steer
Set Me Free Steer
BIM Heifer
MAB Steer
MAB Steer

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Fu Man Chu Standout Selling October 5th In The On The Rocks Online Prospect Sale!!

Cattle Now Available For Viewing at Ferguson Cattle Company - Private Treaty Phone Bid-Off October 15th - Contact Nolan at 641-660-0820 For More Info!

From Linde Sutherly - Selling Today

DaLin Show Cattle

Bidding closes tonight at 8pm EST

Lot 1 Man Among Boys

Lot 9 Man Among Boys

From Justin Kaiser - Hi Ho Silver Standout Selling October 6th In Kaiser Cattle Online Sale!!

From Kevin Knapp - Fu Man Chu Steer!! Contact 507- 429-1362 For More Info!

MAB Bull Selling October 1st In Polzin Cattle Leading Ladies Sale!! Contact Daniel Kohls at 612-916-6429 For More Info!!

He sells as Lot 33 Oct 1st  on Polzin Cattle's Leading Ladies Sale

MAB x 203Z Donor (Cool Customer x PB Char)
THF/PHAF Fall Yearling Bull
6.5% Chi Eligible

From Grauer Show Cattle - Made 2 Order x Fortune & Glory High Chi Heifer For Sale! Contact John at 419.295.2535 For More Info!!

More RCC Standouts Selling October 17th In Hilbert Show Steers Private Treaty Bid Off!!

MAB Steer
MAB Steer
Hi Ho Silver Heifer
Here I Am Steer