Friday, August 29, 2014

Sneak Peak!!

Stop by Jorgensen Show Cattle this weekend on you travels through Iowa to preview the calves. Conveniently located right off I-80 at Exit 75. These MAB steers and more sell Sept.16 on

Thursday, August 28, 2014

MAB x Donor 203 Dr. Who heifer. Sells September 18th

2 Tone x Dream Catcher steer selling September 18th. Collin Eichler

Man among boys x 8 Meyer

BIM selling for a good cause!!

Project "Alvin"

For Team Pumpkin

#46 Believe In Me X Chain Reaction Steer

In response to Gwen Crowe and Dale Vonderhaars ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Scott & I accept by donating 10% of the sale of our steer, "Alvin" to Susan Wetzel for Team Pumpkin Smashing ALS.

Susan and her family are life long friends of ours. Team Pumpkin donations go to help The ALS Association Central & Southern Ohio Chapter.

We invite you to the RC Show Cattle 22nd Annual Early Bird Auction on Saturday, August 30th @ 5:30 in Eaton, Ohio. Sale location: Rutan Farm, 4727 Oxford Gettysburg Road.

Help us support Susan Wetzel & Team Pumpkin as we accept Gwen Crowe and Dale Vonderhaars challenge.

Thank you,

Scott & Barb Stockslager
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From Clint Barnes

Winningest steer in Montana. Sired by Walks Alone. Shown by Taylor Otis. Sold by Barnes Show Cattle.

Text From Mark Sneed

The frisky whiskey's looked real good at Adam whites especially the heifers

Olson show cattle

Olson Show Cattle
September 7th Telephone Bid-Off
Geneseo, IL
Devin 309-714-1509

MAB Maintainer Heifer
MAB Steer

MaB selling!


Attached is a couple pics of the lot one steer in our upcoming sale.  He is an M.A.B. x Friction.  Hope you and everyone else make us part of your labor day weekend travels.  This one is worth the trip to see!


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Doors open this weekend!

Gray Show Cattle


Have an exciting set to sell this Sept!


9/2 Lottery Kickoff on c/w cattle sales


9/21 Annual Phone Private Treaty Bid Off


I attached a few out of your bull line-up that look the part!


Both available on our 9/2 cwcattlesales bid off.


Black heifer is a BIM, smoke is a MAB.


Zach Gray: 815-545-1498

Travis Peterson:  402-209-4148


Hunter Bros Fall Pasture Sale

Selling September 15th at

2 - Believe in Me

3 -  Walks Alone

5 - Believe in Me

6 - Believe in Me

7 - Believe in Me

9 - Maternal Perfection

15 - Two Tone

18 - Believe in Me

19 - Man Among Boys

20 - Believe in Me

Selling in Goettemoeller sale Sept 7!!!!!

I Believe x Destiny


Lot 17- I believe- Destiny


Lot 6- BIM- Miley


Lot 1-- BIM- Destiny-- full sib to OSF 2013 grand steer


Lot 16- Drivin 80- Lucky Donor-


Lot 15- MAB- Mai Donor


Monday, August 25, 2014

Champion AOB Heifer MN State Fair

MAB x Princess Doll Char Donor
Exhibited by Kylee Kohls
Bred by K Bar K Cattle Co., Litchfield MN

Daniel Kohls
K Bar K Cattle Co.

MAB x simmy/angus
MAB x Maximus
Sell Sept. 1 Labor Day Weekend at Staley Show Cattle

Thursday, August 21, 2014

MAB Steer for Sale

For Sale by Bid Off 9/1/14. Initial bids must be received on or before 9/1/14 by 5pm. for details or call Mike at 740-505-2099 to get your bid in or inquire about this calf. Grand Champion Feeder Fayette Co Fair, Reserve Champion Feeder Fayette County Open, Reserve Champion Feeder Clark County Open.
Thanks for helping get the word out about this guy if possible. We think he could really continue to do great things in the right home. 
Trina at Rife Family Show Cattle

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

BIM Kentucky State Fair Res. Champion

Reserve Champion Steer 2014 Kentucky State Fair shown by the Anderson family!! Raised by Wes Rodgers sold by Wade Rodgers/Beckett/Brandon Ross sired by BIM!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

From Jake Campbell

Res grand FFA mo state fair shown by Emma Clark sired by bim

BIM selling for Charlie Wilson

Tag 3
BIM x Who Made Who/Angus
Sells 9.14.14
Wilson/Kedley Cattle
Cattle ready for viewing.

Reserve Grand Iowa State Fair full sib to Fu man Chu

Fu 2 full brother to fu man chu
Raised by Sebolt
Shown by Goretska 

BIM @ Mittag

This Believe In Me x Who Made Who steer sells Sept 14 in The Showman's Choice Sale. Raised by Mittag Show Cattle.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Champion BIM ISF FFA show

Champion Commercial and 4th Overall – Iowa State Fair FFA

BIM x New Edition/Ace

Shown by Compton

Raised by Sugar Creek Farms and sold on The Ladies of The Fall Sale

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Champion BIM

Res. Champion Char Steer Missouri State Fair
Raised by Chris Rosa
Sold by Mark Ball
Shown by Barnes Family

Monday, August 11, 2014

BIM Champion Heifer

Champion heifer in Ocala Florida
Sired by BIM

MAB embryos to be sold at Hudspeth Farm's THE GATHERING....for your blog.

Three conventional embryos sired by MAN AMONG BOYS (original, not a clone) and out of a fantastic purebred Charolais donor will be auctioned in Hudspeth Farm's THE GATHERING SALE, September 27, 2014 in Harrison, AR.  Bid by phone available with sale manager Dennis Adams, Outfront Cattle Company, (979) 693-1301, Cell: (979) 229-4472 email: , webpage: .

ISF Feeder Calf Show

She is for Sale!

2014 Iowa State Fair Feeder Calf Show
Champion Market Heifer 
4th overall Market Animal

Raised by M & B Cattle Company
Charles City, Iowa
Richie 641-330-3720 Joe 580-649-2409

Thank you!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Reserve Grand Champion Illinois State Fair MaB

Reserve Grand Champion Illinois State Fair
Sired by MaB
Shown by Simpson Family
Sold by Caldwell Campbell
Raised by Dana Dennert

5th Overall Illinois State Fair

5 th Overall Illinois State Fair
Sire Walks Alone
Sold By Zack Gray
shown by Maddie Hansen

Walks Alone Champion!

Adams County Fair Colorado
Grand Champion Market Beef
Sired by Walks Alone
Shown by Trista Lebsack
Raised by Sidwell Cattle (Jerry Sidwell)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

MaB's Second Grand State fair victory shown by Bob May Family!!!

Grand Champion Wisconsin State Fair
Sired by MaB
Shown By Lauren May
Raised by Dean Hicks