Monday, February 1, 2016

Check Out This Here I Am x Who Made Who From Joshua Kastel!!!!

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Made 2 Order Semen selling tonight, here is your chance to buy semen on the most popular and dominant rookie bull on the market (now deceased)!!!
Grand Champion Steer - Sioux Falls Empire Farm Show
4th Overall Steer & Champion Chi - Badger Kickoff
Champion Commercial Heifer
Champion Commercial Heifer - Badger Kickoff
Champion Shorthorn Plus Steer - NE AGR
Champion Chi Steer - Hoosier Beef Congress

MAB Sires Another Champion - 3rd Overall Madison Ohio Winter Show - Shown By Calvin Trigg

3rd Overall Steer - Madison, Ohio Winter Show 
Sired By: MAB 
Sold By: Otto, Guyer, Hoobler
Raised By: Troy Beckett
Shown By: Calvin Trigg

Grand Champion Steer VCCP - Sired By MAB - Shown By Breenen Mert

Grand Champion Steer VCCP
Sired By: MAB
Raised By: Jason Pullins
Sold By: Justin Morgan
Shown By: Brennen Meert

From Cody Glenny - Set Me Free Heifer - Sells March 20th on Breeders World

More RCC VCCP Results!

Selling for Ochsendorf Cattle!

Ochsendorf Cattle online sale February 7th hosted with Breeders World.