Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Clark Show Cattle MAB's!!!!!

Both calves Sired by MAB
Call Jeremy Clark for any questions 

Parker cattle company Facebook page!!!

Grand Champion steer at HSLR 
Sired by Two Tone
Raised by Parker Cattle Company 
Congratulations Caitlen Doskocil and everyone involved!!!

Ohio Sales rep!!!

We would like to introduce Clint Thompson for all of our Ohio semen sales and farm visits he will be carrying all of the Rodgers Bull battery 
Call ahead to schedule a farm visit and order semen. 
He will also have volume order discounts 
Thank you everyone for your continued support in the RCC Bull Battery!!!
To contact him 816-500-7755

Big time MAB!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Wolff Farms on Breedersworld!!!

Wolff farms summer and fall born steer and heifer sale now posted on breeders world.  Sale is march 25th.  Any questions please call. 

Man 2 Man now freezing!!

With breeding season quickly approaching we feel as if Man 2 Man is a sure bet during breeding decisions!!!

Call to get your semen ordered today on this hot new sire!!!

More RCC sired champions from this past weekend!!!

Congratulation Hauxwell family on Champion steer Green and Gold
Sired by MAB 
Sold by Daake Dorn and Ottman 
Congratulations Dalton Lind on 5th overall at Green and Gold
Sired by Lone Ranger 
Sold by RCC

Schaeffer and Tice "The Egg Hunt"

Be sure to check out the egg hunt closing tonight!! Lots of RCC sires represented!!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Great weekend across the country for RCC Bulls/cattle sold!!!

Congratulations to everyone on an outstanding weekend!!! 
Congrats Brooke Egbert 
Raised by Sullivan farms 
Sold by RCC and Goettemoeller
Sired by Fu man Chu 

Grand Champion steer Blackout jackpot
Congratulations Dalton Lind 
Sold by RCC 

From Rick Frye

Mab heifer that sells March 22nd on on CW. She's really good. Blog please

From Clayton Wilkerson

Hard whisky x carnac x one n only

My First Maternal Perfection!!!!

Believe In Me and Maternal Perfection calves

 The first two pictures are of the same BIM heifer and the last picture is the Maternal Perfection heifer. They are both really stout with big bone! If you want, you can post these on your blog. 

 Maddie Martin

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Great couple days at the Ohio Beef Expo!!

Thank you to everyone that stopped by the booth, we enjoyed talking to each and everyone of you! We are so thankful for your continued support of our program.

Grand and Reserve champions at March Madness!!

Congratulations on a great weekend with Rcc sired calves!!

Grand champions steer March Madness sired by MAB  sold by Bradford

Reserve Champion steer at March Madness sired by walks alone sold by Bradford and RCC

RCC Bulls having a good day in Missouri!!

Congratulations to everyone in Warrenton with RCC sired calves!!!


> Sullivan Show Cattle annual sale ends tomorrow Sunday, March 22. Pictures and videos are posted on Contact us at 601-540-1749, 601-946-2334 or 601-398-8923 if you have any questions.
> The following lots are Man Amongst Boys.
> Lot 1
> September
> Steer

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Tusa Show Cattle Selling Now

Tusa Show Cattle
High Stakes Sale
Bidding closes, 7pm, March 22nd

Bidding is now open at Steerbidder 

Selling these 4 Man Among Boys and many more great ones!

Lot 4

Lot 5

Lot 8

Lot 17